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Are you ready for your packaging design project?

To kick things off let's talk about your brand identity. The visual aspects of your brand will be the foundation of your packaging design so having a full brand in place is crucial before thinking about a packaging project.

Your brand identity should represent your product and your target market among other things. If you don't have a brand identity in place, chat with your designer about completing this project first so that your packaging will be consistent with the brand.

Goodness Graze postal packaging - box

Secondly. It's a good idea to have a complete, ready-to-sell product before starting your packaging design. Things rarely go to plan the way you think they will, for example, if your business makes candles and you have your packaging designed whilst in the middle of testing your product, changes to the ingredients, icons or even product names could need changing by the time you have a finished product. As exciting as your packaging project

is it is worth holding out on starting it until you know your product is ready and not likely to change again.

Thirdly, chat to your designer in depth about your packaging and what you expect from it. Take an hour to pull together an inspo board to give them an idea of the direction you want to go in, consider packaging shapes and sizes, materials, postal packaging and the design itself. Your brand identity should give your designer a good idea of what your packaging will look like but the more inspiration and information you have to provide them with the better!

Finally, find yourself a manufacturer, if you don't know where to start discussing it with your designer, they'll likely be able to recommend a manufacturer their previous clients have used before.

If you feel you have all of this in place it's time to get the ball rolling on your packaging design project! Take a look at our 'What to prepare for your packaging design project' blog post to get started! There is likely a lot you need that you haven't thought about yet so give this post a read to ensure you don't miss anything!

Waves skin therapy packaging - gift bag

In need of a designer?

If you're looking for a designer you are in the right place! We at The Kind Design Studio undertake multiple design projects each month including those you see in the photos in this very post! We'd love to know a bit more about your business and chat about what we can do to level up your process and brand identity! We work on brand packages, website design, packaging and so much more! We're ready to get started when you are!



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