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What to prepare for your packaging design project

So, you're starting to think about packaging design and not really sure where to start. I have compacted a list of 'must haves' for when you begin your packaging design journey!

It's best to have all of this stuff ready to go when you get in touch with your designer but if you don't have it all ready your designer will help you gather any remaining information.

Firstly for the obvious things,

Your brand logo and the name of the product is a great place to start along with any featured details or product description you would like to include on the front of the packaging. Is it part of a range? Key ingredients? Usage and benefits? USP's Things like that.

What you'll need to get from your manufacturer:

+ Cutterguide for the concept product ...OR

loose dimensions

+ A photo of the format(s) selected

+ Cutterguides for all SKUs

All of the other small but essential details that are easy to forget:

+ Pack descriptors / copy Weight/Volume/Pack Quantity

+ Nutritional information

+ Allergens

+ How to use/instructions

+ Icons client wishes to use (approved)

+ Barcodes (in usable formats)

+ Best before date

+ Batch codes

+ Legal/approved ingredients list

+ Advice or warnings

+ Registered address

There you have it! Do your best to get this information ready before approaching your designer and always ask them if you are missing anything as all designers work differently.

Finally, it is worth adding not to worry if you don't yet have a manufacturer, most good designers will be able to recommend a good one for you.

Check out our last blog post for more info on packaging, how the process looks and what else you'll need to prepare for your designer. ✨

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