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A smart but playful brand identity that is easily identifiable and reflects the business in an accurate way.


Smart, playful, simple, minimal

The Brand

Malcolm Approached me looking for a new and fresh brand identity a modern, easy to navigate website for his asset management company. 

Malcolm had a fairly clear idea of what he was looking for in terms of branding but their previous website needed a complete overhaul.

The aim as to create something that appeal to a corporate clientele. We were looking to create something sleek and easy to navigate with no frills to provide our visitors with a smooth and productivity focused experience.

Main Logo

Primary Logo - Dark Blue.png 2.png


Logo Variation

Light Blue.png
Dark Grey.png
Light Grey.png
Primary Logo - Dark Blue.png

Any Questions?

Whatever the question or query we're here to answer it! Drop us an email or fill out our enquiry form and we'll get back to you.


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