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Favourite September Fonts!

Summer feels like a long time ago now with the sudden change in the weather here in the UK so we've rounded up some of our favourite elegant fonts that give us some autumnal vibes. We hope you love them too!


Elegant, clean, what is not to love about this font. Its romantic nature is giving me real summer love vibes. I can see this font on the front of a beautiful bottle of wine at picnic during golden hour. White dresses and linen. L.O.V.E LOVE!


Net up we have this very unique font. Just as the images within the font photo suggest, Agoka makes me think '18th century with a modern twist' or the other way around. I haven't used this font yet but I know it'll pop to mind as soon as I have the right brand or project for it. Maybe a very cool jewellery or candle brand... we'll see.


Classico is exactly what its name suggests. Classic. This is a font that works now and will work in 50 years' time. A timeless, super luxurious serif font for a timeless, super luxurious brand. I almost wanted to change my own brand font to Classico but I fear we are a little too 'creativity inspired organised chaos' here at The Kind Design Studio. I see this font being perfect for a luxe bed linen or homeware brand.


So fun, so pretty. Gofar might be my favourite of this month. It's modern but still a little messy. Something is telling me this would work well as the brand font for a nighttime tea, or nightwear brand.

There is it! My round-up of the best fonts I came across in May. Let is know which is your favourite!!

- Seadhna



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