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Favourite Chome extentions for productivity and business

Here is a round up of some of our favourite chrome extensions to ensure maximum productivity for business owners.

1. Firstly let's start with one every business owner should have without a doubt. Grammarly is a brilliant tool to ensure your emails, blog posts, and other text based content is always immaculate. From spell checks to phrasing, its has you covered.

2. Next up we have Toggl, It tracks the time you spend on each task helping you to stay on track and time block to ensure maximum productivity.

3. Another obvious one here but LOOM for screen recording! I often use the MacBook screen record feature but it can be a little bit glitchy and unreliable when it come to editing in Premier Pro. LOOM is really reliable and so easy to use, I can't recommend it enough!

4. Dashlane! I can't rave about this enough. This extension is essentially a password manager, it securely saves your information and fills out those annoying online forms for you in seconds saving you so much time for the important things!

5. Finally we have Timewarp! This is a really interesting, unique tool. It picks up on when you are typing in a web address to a site that could be deemed unproductive and sends you to a more productive website or tells you how long you have already spent on that site that day, keep you in check.

I hope you find some of these extensions useful yourself, let us know if you end up using any or if you have any questions at all!



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