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5 of our favourite fonts from March 2022

I think we can all agree that this year is just flying by! We are already a full week into April and we're so shocked that we're only just pulling together our fave fonts from the month of march.

The fonts below are ones we have featured in some of our recent brand projects, social media content or saved to our 'desperately want to use but don't know when or what for' folder.

As graphic design studio we are literally looking for new fonts every single day. Fonts that feel exciting, inspiring, sophisticated, unique, visually stunning, you name it. We've rounded ours up so that you don't have to.

A truly beautiful font that throws us all right back to the very nostalgic decade that is the 90's. These font styles are really on trend at the moment but we particularly love this serif font because whilst being 'in fashun' it is also really timeless and sophisticated.

We have seen many design studios re-brand their own business to feature font styles like this one. If that doesn't make you go 'I NEED THIS FONT NOW' I don't know what will.

We found that whilst clearly very pretty, this font looked a little underwhelming at first glance but we have it a chance and looked a little closer...

This font family is actually really versatile and everything we'd look for in a font for a client. As well as being an easy font to manipulate it also stacks really well and would look stunning on your website and across all of your printed assets from business cards to brochures.

All in all we're in love with this font family and cant wait to take full advantage of its perks in a brand package when the day comes.

We might be cheating here as we've had this font in our stash for quite some time now but we did feel it was still deserving of this feature. Not only is it a beautiful type face as is bit it has the perfect foundation for manipulation.

This is a font I have spent many hours manipulating, totally overthrowing the original design to create truly beautiful logos. If I were to describe this font is a sentence it'd be 'the gift that keeps on giving' and GIFT really is the perfect word to describe this font because it's totally free at pixelsurplus. Go get it, you wont regret it.

This is the type of font I can see myself needing in the future and not being able to find. You know when you have something really specific in mind but you're not even 100% sure what that is? A 'I'll know it when I see it' situation. So selfishly, we're really leaving this here for our own benefit. It's the perfect balance of all of the things we love, Strong, striking and bold but softened with some curved lines (see 'R') which adds a touch of femininity. A brand designers dream when they are looking for a font that will appeal to a wide audience.

To top it off it's a free adobe font!

For us, it just doesn't get much better than Muse. This elegant but simple font makes us swoon here at TKDS HQ. If we don't use this in a brand project soon we'd be tempted to rebrand The Kind Design Studio with this font.

All in all It's been a great month for font finding and we're really looking forward to seeing what comes from April. We have some exciting work coming that we can't wait to share and along with that work there will be some really stunning fonts. Keep your eyes peeled for our next post or sign up to our newsletter here for it to be emailed straight to your inbox when the time comes.


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