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Modern, but inviting designs with a nod to the client's home town, New York.


Clean, inviting, casual, modern

The idea for this brand came from the clients background growing up in New York and his love for coffee. 

The plan is to open a coffee shop that provides the English customer a feel for the New York culture and experience he is so used to. 

The Brand

Mainstreet cups
Mainstreet packaging
mainstreet package


We decided on a fairly minimal route for the packaging finding a balance between the indie New York culture and the premium products on offer. The blue and white colour scheme elevates the brand assets tying up the brand perfectly. 


The purpose of the website was to do two things. Provide the customer with information such as shop location and the cafe menu and to allow customers to use their loyalty cards online. This adds to the fast pace, modern New York Cafe experience and prevents returning customers missing out on well earned freebies.

Mainstreet app
mainstreet app phone

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