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This is what The Kind Design Studio almost became. We still love this brand even though we decided it wasn't quite right for us so thought it only right to share it with you. 


Smart, playful, simple, minimal

The Brand

Business Card Mockup 5.png

We spent a huge amount of time working on our rebrand here at The Kind Design Studio and Ink & Wild Design Co was a real contender for our new name. We actually used the same font in the end but the name just didn't feel quite right for  us.

That being said, we still love this name and how elegant it feels to us. We definitely see aspects of us in this branding but felt that The Kind Design Studio was just right. 

Take a look at our other brand assets

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Inka and wild-03.png
Invoice smaller-01-01.png
Business Card Mockup 5 blue.png

Colour Variation

Inka and wild-07.png
Inka and wild-05.png

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