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A clean and professional brand for an elegant

wedding photographer. Website, full brand identity, thank you cards, social media templates & business cards.


Vibrant, Sentimental, Candid, Wholesome

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"My style of photography is timeless but fun (I hope) so I would like my brand to reflect that, I do like the simple white template with black funky writing or white funky writing over a 'Hero' image etc but I would like to add a colour in there too, maybe something bright to add some fun! Overall I want the professional look which is simple clean and consistent with a bit of colour and fun!"

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The Brand

Anna came to me looking for a brand that represented her personality and her work in an accurate way. Her beautiful photos deserved a brand that complimented them without over-shadowing the work. 

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 _SM 1 BLACK.png
 _SM 1 RED.png
 _SM 2 BLACK.png
 _SM 2 PEACH.png
 _SM 2 RED.png
 _SM 3 BLACK.png
 _SM 3 RED.png
 _SM 3 PEACH.png
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 _SM 4 OUTLINE.png
 _SM 4 PEACH.png
 _SM 4 BLACK.png
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We wanted to keep the brand really fluent from digital to print. We created these business and thank you cards for those personal touches that go a long way. Anna was also considering using foil or spot gloss to really level up the cards and give them a premium feel. 

 _SM 2 PEACH.png


We also produced a collection of social media templates for Anna to use whilst showcasing her latest work. These templates not only elevate the stunning photos Anna has taken but also ensures her brand is always consistent and helps with building a reliable, trustworthy and identifiable brand.


Anna's Website

Finally we had the pleasure of designing Anna's website. This may be out favourite piece of work yet. We ensured the website was easy to navigate, interactive and on brand. A business website is usually the heart of a brand and even in the 2020's a website is still often the number 1 way of reaching new clients. (thanks for that google.)

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Any Questions

Whatever the question or query we're here to answer it! Drop us an email or fill out our enquiry form and we'll get back to you.


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