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A smart but playful brand identity that is easily identifiable and reflects the business in an accurate way.


Smart, playful, simple, minimal

This business blends sophistication and playfulness in a really unique way. Their main goal is to bring a breath of fresh air to every customer that walks through the door. The decor is minimal but inviting and warm at the same time. Their customer service is aimed to lift your mood without being sickly sweet and to improve your day overall. They do secret giveaways every day and use their space to hold various events from live music to business seminars. 

The Brand

All bite sticker
Window mockup


From cups and container sleeves to window lettering and kids stickers the print variation with this projects has been vast. We're still working with them to perfect everything so keep your eyes peeled for more from this one.

Logo Variations

Any Questions?

Whatever the question or query we're here to answer it! Drop us an email or fill out our enquiry form and we'll get back to you.


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